FlexiMill – Milling Machine Center

FlexiMill offers excellent opportunities for an industry where large plates and curved profiles is demanded. The creative and well thought through design makes the machine extremely versatile. FlexiMill is game changing technology with unparalleled up-time and this 6-axis machining center for aluminum and composite delivers enviable quality for a reasonable investment.

FlexiMill is based on a cast iron bed which makes the machine movable and only requires a simple and inexpensive foundation. It can be installed with an open machine cover or in a completely sealed machining area. Unparalleled milling capacity for large, complex components.

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Extraordinary milling capacity – your advantage!

The 6-axis machine center addresses the fundamental concerns of our clients – effectiveness, capacity and affordability. We know that delivering on these issues will help them gain competitive advantages which is why we are proud to present them with FlexiMill.

FlexiMill –  The revolution in 30 sec.

Strengths of the machine:

  • 6 axis horizontal machine
  • No special foundation
  • Variety of CNC fixture to clamp the parts
  • Working envelope X=6000mm Y=1500mm Z= 1900mm
  • Made for machining in composite and aluminum
  • Typical parts: nacelle, panels, frames, assembled structural parts etc…

Quick specs:

Controlled Axis X/Y/Z/A/C/U
Travel X/Y/Z/U mm (in) 1,200/1,400/2,200/6,000 (47/55/86/236)
Spindle Type / Speed min⁻¹ (rpm) HSK-63 / (0~30,000)
Spindle Power kW (hp) 20 (26.8) or 45 (60)
Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z mm/min (ipm)  60,000 (2,362)
Magazine Capacity 15 [opt. 30]
Tool change time 10 sec
Machine Weight Kg (Lb) 17,000 (37,478)
APC Available, up to 1600mm
 Gantry Configuration  (3) different choices based on workpiece matl.

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We are dedicated to make your production affordable and effective. That is what we always have been aiming for and something that has brought us the Boeing Outstanding Performance Award.