Our products

Since 1988 Modig has consistently developed and refined advanced aircraft equipment machining technology. Our products provides solutions to a wide range of industries; aerospace, automotive, marine, transportation and heavy industries. The product list below shows examples of various components processed in our machines. Learn more about the products at their product pages.



    1. Seat tracks
    2. Wing stringers and ribs
    3. Railroad tracks
    4. Spars
    5. Engine mounts
    6. Panels and frames


    1. Five axis structural parts
    2. Composite and aluminum frames
    3. Nacelle
    4. Skins and panels
    5. Chord and lobes
    6. Bulk heads

      HHV 2-Mill

    1. All shaped extrusions up to 6”x10” cross section
    2. Stowage bin structures
    3. Floor beams
    4. Stringer clips and brackets
    5. Seat tracks
    6. Fuselage floor grid components

      HHV 3-Mill

    1. Aluminum profile extrusions
    2. Composite extrusions
    3. Profile machining
    4. Floor beams
    5. Stringers
    6. Seat tracks

      GCA 1 2 3

    1. Window/Door frames
    2. Bulkheads
    3. Wing box components
    4. Wing spars
    5. Engine nacelles
    6. Engine mounts