UHF Riveting System – Skin and Panel fixture

UHF Riveting System – Skin and Panel fixture

The Modig Universal Holding Fixture Riveting System provides skin and panel fixture for aircraft manufacturing. It has been developed to automate riveting of the fuselage.

Its construction allows for a high degree of flexibility and can rapidly be adapted to meet the customer’s needs. It also requires no hard fixtures. It provides cost-effective solutions – confirmed by the fact that the UHF Riveting System is the choice of leading airline manufacturers the world over.

Skin and Panel fixture

Skin and Panel fixtureSkin and Panel fixturethumb image

Our solutions – The choice of leading airline manufacturers

At Modig we always strive for maximal adaptation and flexibility since we know that this will provide our clients with important advantages. We look at the Modig UHF Riveting System as a proof of that ambition, one that will deliver just the type of cost effective solutions we are known for.

Video – UHF Riveting System

Strengths of the machine:

  • Panels and skins