UHF Chord Trimmer

Universal Holding Fixture Chord Trimmer

The Modig Universal Holding Fixture Chord Trimmer is used to clamp already bent aluminum extrusions in the process where the extrusion is manufactured in a gantry milling machine.

The fixture consists of a number of sections which can be placed on the work table of the machine in many different ways. Most common is to set up two fixtures on the machine work table with 15 sections in a 180 degrees sun fan shape in each fixture.

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Set up time in seconds!

The fixture is operated from a CNC-control which performs 30 axis to move independent of each other. The result is a fixture with a set up time of a few seconds.The fixture is available in three different sizes, called Small, Medium and Large.

Video – UHF Chord Trimmer

Strengths of the machine:

  • Composite and aluminum frames
  • Chord and lobes