GCA 1 2 3

GCA – Next generation of machining

The new GCA is a game changer in the market of machining monolithic parts. This machine has a unique design and requires half of the footprint when compared to its competitors. No one else comes close in competing with its affordability and industry leading performance. The GCA handles your aluminum structural parts with a massive chip removal rate of up to 970 cubic inches per minute!


GCA1        X=80”,   Y=60”,   Z=27”
GCA2        X=175”, Y=80”,   Z=27”
GCA3        X=240”, Y=100”, Z=27”

Our solutions – your advantage!

Modig means innovation. There is no room for compromise in quality. That make´s us your premier solutions provider for building efficiency and cutting costs. The performance of GCA is just another proof of that.

Excels at these parts:

  • Window/Door frames
  • Bulkheads
  • Wing box components
  • Wing spars
  • Engine nacelles
  • Engine mounts
  • Engine flap tracks
  • Wing ribs
  • Fuselage structural parts
  • Wing spars
  • Landing gear beams
  • Monolithic fuselage crown frames
  • Monolithic aircraft part made from plate raw materials

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We are dedicated to make your production affordable and effective. That is what we always have been aiming for
and something that has brought us the Boeing Outstanding Performance Award.