About us

Modig Machine Tool – Innovative, customized and unique technology

Technical ingenuity and serviceability second to none – Modig Machine Tool, since 1947.


Modig Machine Tool

Technical ingenuity and serviceability second to none.  Modig machining centers are undoubtedly optimized for the commercial airline industry with an unique technology.

An integrated solution

Modig differentiates itself through an integrated solution encompassing problem solving, custom manufacturing, testing, training and ongoing technical and customer support.  With Modig as your one accountable supplier, the whole process is seamless – from initial design to installation.

The world is our market

With unique solutions, flexibility and high quality we maintain a leadership position, a step ahead of competition in innovative, customized and unique technology.

Continous development

Since 1988 Modig has consistently developed and refined advanced machining technology.  Modig redefines affordable customization, meeting customers’ stringent demands for high productivity, ultimate reliability and critical accuracy.

Modig – Leading the world of aircraft production equipment

Modig is recognized worldwide for innovative adaptations to challenging machining applications and unparalleled measuring accuracy, enabling customers to achieve zero defects and shortened production times leading to lowered manufacturing costs.

Knowledge and Experience

Our mission is to harness our knowledge, experience and resources to enhance customers’ production efficiency and profitability. It is through the creation of benefit to our customers we can continue to develop. It requires close collaboration where solid quality, on-time delivery and constant innovation are obvious prerequisites.

Successful solutions

No matter what your present machining needs are, Modig will deliver enviable quality for a reasonable investment.  Each customer’s unique needs dictate their custom configuration.