Modig Machine Tool welcomes the new Modig Machine Tool USA Inc. President!

KeithModig Machine Tool is very proud to announce Keith Lopez as the new president of Modig Machine Tool USA Inc. Keith Lopez was previously employed by Spirit Aerosystem, where he last held the title Director of Operations for Twin Aisle programs. Keith Lopez has had a diverse background at Spirit during his 20 years long career. He has handled new programs, supplier management, manufacturing and assembly.

Besides Keith Lopez admirable social skills, he possesses a strong background in the aviation and manufacturing industry. We are convinced that Modig Machine Tool has an exciting future together with Keith Lopez and we are extremely excited and anxious to see the results of our work together.

Founded in 1948, Modig has continuously enhanced its reputation for innovation through its range of HHV machining centers for manufacturing components from aluminum extrusions and bars, the six-axis FlexiMill and now the game changing RigiMill – another revolutionary product from Modig for machining longer aluminum and titanium parts.