Revolutionary approach required to deliver intelligent aluminum milling

When your industry has zero tolerance for failure, a radical and pervasive change in production methods is scary. But evolutionary step by step improvement is limited to existing solutions and marginal gain. It takes a revolutionary innovator to imagine and then build something none of us had previously thought possible. This is the story of Modig Machine Tools’ HHV BarMill and Precise Machining and Manufacturing, LLC.

Modig means innovation and is recognized worldwide for innovative adaptations to challenging machining applications and unparalleled measuring accuracy. HHV BarMill boasts 30% savings in raw material usage and if you are milling less, you are creating less waste as well, saving on both raw material cost and production waste removal. With HHV BarMill, cycle times are 50-70% faster. Moreover, operator intervention is cut in half which will enable Precise to shorten production time and direct labor expense leading to lowered manufacturing costs. A part of Accurus Aerospace Corporation, Precise is a leading Tier II supplier of metallic parts, kits and assemblies and processing services to the global aerospace and defense industry.

Modig President David Modig said ”imagine feeding 200 inch bar stock into a machine which rotates the bar to have access from all sides – this is HHV BarMill. We’re not talking lathes, we’re promising intelligent aluminum milling like no one else can deliver.” No sitting and waiting to manually feed, clamp and cut stock. Precise was skeptical at first, disbelieving that Modig achieved what no one else could. ”After all” said Precise President and General Manager Larry Johnson ”rarely does a game changer appear that addresses raw material utilzation and an opportunity to improve efficiency. We feel the Modig is a huge advantage for our business and gives us a leg up …”

To address its early skepticism, Precise had Modig conduct a time study of an aerospace structural part that required 27 minutes to manufacture on a conventional machine. Modig milled the piece in 11 minutes. Precise’s operators’ time was also reduced due to single operation machining with the Modig vs. standard conventional machining, increasing the available labor resources.

Revolutionary innovations that make all subsequent incremental improvements possible – this is Modig.

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